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Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions 

Object storage emerged to solve the challenges of data at scale. With data growing exponentially, traditional architectures face many challenges when dealing with petabytes, exabytes, and soon, zettabytes of data. At scale, traditional SAN and NAS become difficult to manage, performance can degrade, recovery may risk data loss and most of all, these systems are very expensive.

Object storage was built to be efficient for storing and accessing huge amounts of data. For this reason, it is the architecture of choice for cloud service providers.

While object storage can run on object storage systems, or be built using software defined storage and storage building blocks, its cost efficiencies rely on the value of highest capacity hard drives, such as our Ultrastar hard drives and our extreme density JBOD storage platform

As we enter the zettabyte era, new technologies and innovations, such as Zoned Storage as well as energy-assisted recording, will help drive these efficiencies forward. Subscribe to our blog to learn more.

If you came to this page looking for information about ActiveScale, Quantum Corp. has acquired the full line of ActiveScale products along with all the support and service obligations. More information here.

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